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Drama Classes with Lindsey Mitchell at Star Theatre Company

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(This photo with some of our volunteers at Star Theatre Company / Belfast Players at Belfast Fringe Festival,

Shankill Spectrum Centre, October 2011.) - New Play - The Red Door by Gary Wilson (archived work)

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  Deaf Language  and Community Drama Classes begin at  Star Theatre Company, Forsythe House, Cromac Street, Belfast in Sept 2017. (FREE Admissions) Please email us at : startheatrecompany@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

   Read more on your rights re: The Bedroom Tax; Autism Bill (NI) 2011 on our   Services /Self-Help pages .....

  Read more on how to protect yourself from Online Bullying and Slander on our Services / Self-Help pages ....

                                          A D D       U P        G R O U P       N I

 WELCOME  TO  THE  ADD  UP  GROUP NI.  We, as a Charitable Cross-Community Organisation ,have been around since 1998 and have been offering  Artists in the Autism Community especially,  the chance to shine. in their endeavours. See our sister site Star Theatre Company -http://addto61.wix.com/star-theatre-media

We offer Parents' evenings every Wednesday (A Be-Friending group); Dance Classes and Group Participation  (see Star Theatre site) and New Writing / Drama Opportunities for young people and adults all over Northern Ireland. in Theatre and Film Making.

Come and join us.

We have a membership reaching far and wide in Ireland and the UK.

Chairperson: Marion Kenny  (also Artistic Director of Star Theatre Company)

Check out in the next few pages,  some of our activities and fundraisers below by some of our Members, Friends and Associates.

As a Member, you can take advantage of our Monthly Newsletter,  Concessionary tickets to Drama and Dance events all over Northern Ireland; Group class reduced fees and friendship/ Social  afternoons, evenings at free venues.

Membership is only £25 for the year which include free tickets to local theatre and film shows. See our next pages for how you can join and/or donate to our work

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