About Add Up Group NI


The Add Up Group NI have a drop-in centre in Belfast - Star Theatre Company's Muse Gallery, at  Fortsythe House, Cromac St., Belfast.  We're open there afternoons,  by arrangement.  Sample the wonderful coffee on offer here, the Beautiful Visual Art on display and the friendly atmosphere. 


We offer Fine Art Classes, Dance and Drama studio workshops and Theatre performances and activities for

Autistic children, young people, their families and friends. We offer Educational classes regarding parenting

and medical issues associated with the Autism Spectrum and Adhd in particular. (Please email for our Factsheet

with times and details of Classes etc)   We now offer Deaf Language Classes (Please download our Factsheet)  TEL: 0 7 7 4 9 4 1 9 2 9 3

Our theatre/art works: - Star Theatre Company :http://addto61.wix.com/star-theatre-media




It's known in the medical world as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and around 3-6% of the population of children are currently identified with the condition in the UK

Boys are three times as likely to develop it as girls. It usually appears at the age of 18months and peaks around

of 18months and peaks around the ages of three, four or five. Symptoms include Lack of concentration for tasks

 in the child, restlessness, excessive talking and/or echolalia, engaging in aggressive and dangerous physical

 activity to name a few.

SDC10529In 2009, Add Up Group NI

supported the Former Braid Players, Ballymena Braid Arts Centre. All members had joined Star Theatre Company with the exception of one who is pursuing a solo career. These young people just love drama. Our President is on the back row, first from the right.